Is Cryotherapy a Safe Choice? Discover the Facts

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Is Cryotherapy a Safe Choice?

At Infinity IV, a common query we address is about the safety of cryotherapy, a popular wellness treatment on the Gold Coast. The answer is reassuringly affirmative: when administered correctly with appropriate technology, cryotherapy is safe and beneficial.

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

Cryotherapy involves a brief, approximately three-minute session inside a specialised chamber or sauna. Here, nitrogen gas is used to lower the air temperature to between -120°C and -140°C. This extreme cold triggers the body’s natural healing processes, offering a variety of health benefits.

Who Benefits from Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy isn’t just a passing trend among the elite; it’s a credible wellness method adopted by sports teams and celebrities alike for recovery, anti-ageing, stress relief, and pain management.

The Evolution of Cryotherapy

Historically, cryotherapy involved direct liquid nitrogen exposure, a method now deemed unsafe. Today’s cryotherapy on the Gold Coast, especially at Infinity IV, uses advanced techniques where clients are exposed only to cryogenically cooled air, not direct liquid nitrogen.

The Safest Cryotherapy Approach

At Infinity IV, we ensure that our cryotherapy sessions are safe and effective. Clients experience cold, breathable air, while liquid nitrogen is used solely to cool the air. Our skilled technicians closely monitor each session for safety and efficacy.

Why Opt for Infinity IV for Cryotherapy?

  • Commitment to Safety: Employing state-of-the-art cryotherapy technology, we prioritise your safety and comfort.
  • Expert Supervision: Our experienced staff oversee every session to deliver optimal benefits safely.
  • Personalised Treatments: We understand each client’s unique needs and offer tailored cryotherapy sessions to meet individual wellness goals.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Whole-body cryotherapy in Gold Coast, offered by Infinity IV, provides various health benefits including enhanced athletic recovery, improved well-being, stress reduction, and chronic pain management. Our comprehensive approach ensures you gain the full array of benefits from this innovative therapy.

Integrating Cryotherapy into Your Wellness Regimen

Endorsed by health enthusiasts and professionals, cryotherapy is an integral part of many individuals’ wellness routines. At Infinity IV, we facilitate easy inclusion of this effective treatment in your health regime.


Cryotherapy, conducted with the latest safe methods, is an excellent health and well-being enhancement option. At Infinity IV, we are dedicated to providing the Gold Coast community with high-quality whole-body cryotherapy, ensuring each session is safe and maximally beneficial. Experience the rejuvenating effects of cryotherapy, customised just for you.